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17th January 2014


Jons Short Story Box turned 1 today!

Jons Short Story Box turned 1 today!

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19th February 2013


ink, inkwash and watercolor paper
initial sketch took about a minute
final render took an hour 

ink, inkwash and watercolor paper

initial sketch took about a minute

final render took an hour 

18th February 2013

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drew this yesterday…i sorta have a thing for jessica rabbit. The characters so…erotic. 

drew this yesterday…i sorta have a thing for jessica rabbit. The characters so…erotic. 

6th February 2013


Two thoughts: Death is uncertain. I can die at any time, WHAT THE FUCK AM I STILL DOING HERE AT PUC! 


College was great and all but i seriously need to start LIFE! ready for a change. 

31st January 2013


26th January 2013

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totally zoning out here! in a meeting but im not really there. writing something on tumber and i dont really care. there making me a directer and quite frankly i dont even care. got a mowhawk

21st January 2013

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1st January 2013


control freak

You are a control freak

You must have control

Thats why you’re tired of me

Because i wont give you control 

You raised me but im your exact opposite 

Where you fight to remain in control of every thing 

i know that the world is so out of control 

life is uncontrollable 

i am uncontrollable 

And it bugs the shit out of you 

You dont want me to analyze people 

Because you desire control 

You say you can take everything i own 

and that i own nothing 

But im onto you

Its a control issue thing 

Ive analyzed you already 

I know you 

I know your wife too 

Shes the type of person who will do anything to feel included 

You two are the perfect couple 

she gives you something you want

a person whom you can control 

Your younger daughter is just like you 

Your oldest daughter is intellegent 

far more intellegent than i 

But your controll issues have ruined her 

Now she wastes her intelligence trying so hard to rebel against you

In a desperate attempt to be noticed 

but the only person you seem to notice is your younger daughter 

A+ student 

Wont accept failure even though failure is a huge part of life

You give her new cars

you pay for her apartment 

you pay for her expensive laptop 

but you say your broke 

ever stop to wonder why?

Sure you say you would buy me a car

But why would i want it 

its just another outlet for control 

If you c an give me a car

you can take it away for any reason 

Admit it

Admit it to yourself 

Admit to yourself what other people already see you as

a control freak 

whos afraid to lose control. 

life is out of control

its uncontrollable 

and so am i

i wont be like you because i see the truth behind everything 

Thats why i smile every time you scold me for bulshit things 

I talked with your mother

She said your father was just like you 

And thats why she left him 

Be careful 

control freak 

Or you might find yourself alone and miserable 

still trying to hard to cling to some sort of minute control 

13th December 2012


Watch the world come crashing down

you were insuperable

She was perfect for you

You were perfect for her

such an odd couple, but you made it work

and then he showed up

things were said

the thing you had built up with her came crashing down

and instead of blaming yourself

you blamed the world

the world was your enemy 

and as i sit here

a entity void of compassion 

i watch your world come crashing down 

i watch you wallow i defeat 

i watch you self destruct 

you are unstable 

10th December 2012


man this sucks

finals week is such a bad time to meet people. By the time i get back for next quarter, i will have already been put in the friendzone… oh well.